Withdraw Teen Patti Money

3 Patti Blue is among the top 5 Teen Patti apps in Pakistan withdraw Teen Patti money is the top topic. There are various card apps and most are fake. Your money will not be withdrawn from them no matter how much is deposited in it. Also, it is not easy to find the real and fake apps. However, if you will be following this website, you will not be scammed. We first verify the apps and then upload them on our website.

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Most of the people were asking for a blog where I could tell them the different ways of withdrawing money. So, this blog post is for those who find it hard to withdraw their money from the Teen Patti app to their bank account. Before discussing the withdrawal process, let me first tell you how you can make the money.

How to Earn Money in 3 Patti Blue App?

No doubt you can make real money in this app but there is nothing like 3 Patti unlimited earning tricks and mods. Those who claim that they have the tricks are liars. If there were anything like that they would not let you know the trick. The games in 3 Patti operate under an algorithm which is the probability. There are 50% chance that you will win and a 50% chance that will will lose. So, it all depends on your luck and there is no specific pattern that you can follow. Each time the numbers are generated randomly. So in this article, we will only focus on withdraw Teen Patti money.

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How to withdraw Teen Patti Money?

The withdrawal process is really simple and you have to do a few steps for it. Follow the below steps for this process:

  1. Firstly, you need to add your account number and the account holder’s name.
  2. We recommend you use your Easypaisa or JazzCash accounts.
  3. Then in the dashboard of 3 Patti Blue, you will see the withdraw option.
  4. Click on that option which will lead you to the withdrawal page.
  5. There you will be provided two options, the first one is you can avail and safe your money in the app.
  6. But if you want to withdraw all your money, then just put the amount in the section provided.
  7. Click the submit button and it will take 30 minutes to process your withdrawal.
  8. Again, if you want the fastest withdrawal then only use the Easypaisa account.

Note: Don’t add your bank account to this app. This is because the bank will not accept that money and it will ask for verifications. So, in order to avoid the inconvenience, we recommend you use either Easypaisa or Jazzcash accounts.

If you need the answer to this question “How can I withdraw the money from the 3 Patti Champion game” then let me know in the comment section. I will upload a separate blog post where I will share all the steps for it. But more or less that is going to be the same with this withdraw Teen Patti Money. If there are going to be more people asking for the blog, I will definitely upload one.


Lastly, this was all about the Withdraw Teen Patti Money and some other useful information. As you read above the process is very simple but it needs to be followed each step. All you have to just follow the steps and you will get all your money instantly. Also, don’t fall under any scammer as I mentioned above there is no 3 Patti Blue Mod Apk file. If something like that exists, then we will share it on our website. As I mentioned earlier we only posted such apps that are real and from where you can make money.

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